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AIICO Capital Investment Managers is a multi-asset manager, duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to provide portfolio and fund management services.

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You can trust us to give you the best of what investment can offer.

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We pride ourselves as provider of best-in-class customer service to our esteemed clients.

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Our investment advisory team will support you every step of the way.

Fund Security

We invest majorly in risk free assets. With us, your funds are secured

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We are a leading secure investments management firm in Nigeria, with thousands of institutional and retail clients, spread across several industries.

The Company is a multi-asset manager, duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to provide portfolio and fund management services.

Over the last couple of years, our assets under management have grown from N20billion in January 2013 to over N200billion as at December 2020. We have also delivered returns to clients significantly in excess of portfolio benchmarks over the period.

We always care about client Satisfaction
Secured and Guaranteed Investment
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AIICO Money Market Fund

AIICO Money Market Fund aims to achieve both stable income generation and capital preservation by investing 100% of the portfolio assets in high quality short-term securities.

AIICO Balanced Fund

AIICO Balanced Fund is an award winning, actively managed open-ended Fund that invests primarily in equities, government securities, fixed deposit and fixed income securities.

Guaranteed Income Note

Guaranteed Income Note aims to achieve competitive returns on investments with low risk by investing in high rated securities such as Bonds, Treasury bills and other government securities.

Our Services

What We Do

Our clients trust us to help them to meet their immediate and future financial goals. Through thorough research and analyses covering time, trends and various investment classes, we provide personalized investment options and advice that helps our clients to make smart investment decisions.

Managed Portfolio

We offer managed portfolio services to clients via an investment account, from which client's investments are managed on a discretionary basis, in line with pre-agreed client objectives.

Mutual Fund

AIICO Capital Investment Managers provides fund management services through management of 2 SEC-registered collective investment schemes: AIICO Money Market Fund and AIICO Balanced Fund.

Guaranteed Income Note

Minimum of 70% of the portfolio is invested in high-quality bonds, while a maximum of 30% of its assets are invested in quality money market instruments.


Open a Mutual Fund account with as low as N10,000.

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Our investment approach is an active process built on careful and thorough fundamental analysis of opportunities that provides the best balance of protection against loss, satisfactory return and income to match future obligations.

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    As a company, we consider your needs first. We foster a company culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships.

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    We are here to serve you and make your experience with AIICO Capital Investment Managers a seamless one. We want you to remember us through an unbeatable service with love.

  • 24/7 Support

    Through different channels, we take investment to a new level. You can access your investment Account with AIICO Capital Investment Managers anywhere anytime.

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